Underwear-as-outwear has become one of the most followed trends as of late. Silk dresses in particular are iconic - giving way to a feminine simplicity easily dressed up, down, and everything in between. Seen in hipster coffee shop corners, music venues, dressed-up afternoon tea, and even on the red carpet, its a versatile piece in its own right.

1 Choose your statement piece:

Your statement piece makes the process of styling the rest of the look infinitely easier. Start with an interesting item and play a little bit of trial and error. Statement pieces can range from shoes to large, ornate pieces of jewelry. One of my favorites ways to dress up a slip dress is layering it over a top. It's an easy, effortless style with enough variations to keep you more than busy. I've seen them layered over white tops and tucked into jeans, paired with thick turtlenecks, draped over edgy logo shirts - whatever you're feeling that moment within your own personal little styling corner (*see overflowing tiny closet and corner bedroom). After a long game of on again off again, I thought to try throwing the slip over a rather baggy ruffled bell sleeve top. Verdict? Hella comfy. Surprisingly chic af. The top did well in showing off the lace trim and detail and adding a bit of flare. Afterwards, it was just a matter of picking a pair of boots. When you're picking your statement piece, don't shy away from something bold or experimental.

2 Add Interesting Texture

Playing with textures is the best way to add some contrast to your look. You'll want to pick a fabric that adds a bit of variation. For example, a silk slip dress with suede accents. Lace, feminine detailing paired with a heavier, textured material. Again, this can be a bit of bold trial and error until you find a look you are fond of. In this case, this slip paired with different fabrics made for two completely different looks. To play up the feminine, lacy details, I wore the dress over a ruffled top with thigh high boots. Alternatively, I dressed the look down by tucking the dress into a pair of high-waist skinny jeans and added an over sized sweater for an edgier, every day look.

3 Play with details

Finishing touches can go a long way when creating the perfect 'I-want-to-look-like-I-stepped-out-of-Pinterest-like-I-didn't-even-try-do-you-know-what-I-mean?' look. Unlike your statement piece, choose little details that will accentuate and add to the look/vibe you are going for. A pair of cat-eye sunglasses, layered necklaces, elegant stud earrings, or a bold cross body.

4 When in doubt, go neutral 

Going neutral is the easiest way to appear instantly polished. Basics in neutral colors will always pair well with the other items in your closet and should remain your priority investments (especially when reconstructing an entire wardrobe. (*see Mouna circa daily since her girly-girl vintage obsession. cry.) Sticking with neutrals guarantees a match with a small window of failure. Alternatively, a single pop of color against neutrals is equally chic - a deep red lip, blue bag, or belt... 

5 Comfort is key

Keep in mind that slip dresses are all about comfort. Whoever started the pajama/underwear-as-outwear trend didn't do so in the hopes of disagreeable encounters or agonizing moments. Even with silky, evening slip dresses, one should pair with simply strappy heeled sandals or pointed toes. The undergarments are delicate as is, so even when going bold, make sure you feel great and are able to move around. The slip dress is made to cling to you in the right places and fall in others - everything about it should seem effortless and regal. Comfort is your best friend here!

Tobi Slip Dress // Shein Bell Sleeve Top // Stuart Weitzman Boots // Prada Moon and Star Cahier Bag
Amazon Oversized Sweater // Vibrant High-waist Skinny Jeans //  Gucci Marmont Belt // Shein Necklaces // Shein Choker 

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