Transitions, both extreme and minute, are accompanied with varying levels of acceptance. Perhaps at times they intimidate us, parading around our thoughts like cloaks of anxiety followed by a myriad of worrisome thoughts. Change can be scary, to say the least, and perhaps like the monsters under our bed we used to beg our parents to check for, the bigger the scarier. Other times, transitions are well overdue, greeted with open arms and (at times) an overwhelming sense of relief. The former types are the worst and hardest to accept. We wrack our brains of endless possibilities, what ifs, buts, and how to's until (in my case) all the reading, listing, writing, and wondering is forced to come to a deafening halt.

Just friggin' relax already would ya?

Ahh...finally, time for a little breather - a regain of control, if you will - and a fresh open mind that's ready for major change with open arms, no matter how intimidating it may be. The eagerness to let go, move on, move forward, and embrace it all. Life is moving forward and the easiest things in life are meant to be. Unless, of course, you are in the midst of exam season. Exam season is never easy, but it is always meant to be *cry.*

On the other hand, some change is well overdue (socks and sandals, casual misogynistic input, 3 AM tweets by people unfit in get the gist). My personal favorite change is the change we look forward to, the change we know will soon happen, the change that improves our lives, and the change we bring about with intention. Both our minds and hearts line up and the unison creates the most harmonious of balances. There are never second guesses or regrets, it's exactly what we've been waiting and aiming for.

As I've previously stated, September/fall has a way of bringing about a sort of fresh start/change with both our life-long conditioning *ahem* start of term *ahem* and the change of season. There's no other season that makes me more receptive and accepting of life changes.

In collaboration with the lovely TOBI team, a dreamy shift dress captured during the shift of the season. Its' beautiful blush color inspired me to shoot it against a rich sky blue and colorful leaves. On colder days to be layered over white skinny jeans and an over-sized sweater draped over one's shoulders. Which, according to reports, is perhaps overdue. It'll be thick, fuzzy leggings, and parkas from now on. Chicago, do you feel me?

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