In the age of over endorsed cat videos and inevitable Netflix and chill "dates", the time to set priorities seems to be at an all time low. Perhaps it stems from our generation's involvement with social media (creating a simplicity in the way we interact with one another and learn about ourselves) that has labeled us "the laziest generation to have ever lived." With not much more effort than lifting your iPhone when you awake in the morning to scroll through (hopefully) missed texts and intriguing(?) Facebook updates,  loafing in this day and age, is an uncomplicated phenomenon.

Or is it?

Yes, our generation has it easy in some ways. Information is at our finger tips, a Google search away - just a Bing around the corner (er...does anyone use Bing?). We've connected with children across the globe, with family across the country, and with like-minded individuals across the forums. We can (and have) molded the way people think, we have launched movements, revolutions, and ideas. We've shared moments, stories, philosophies, and (non apologetically) our favorite latte art.

The so called time "wasted" online has saved us time. It has validated our opinions and set those fact debates in order via ten-second trips to Wikipedia. An essay that may have taken me weeks to research is completed in a mere four hours.* A Whatsapp text message is received free of charge to my relatives. Most importantly, my time is spent creating and further developing my career, ideas, and art. I see my incredible friends and colleagues completing University degrees, working full-time or part-time jobs alongside maintaining relationships in all aspects of their lives and never giving up their hobbies and/or dreams. Alternatively, I've seen people slack at school, have one job but no future goals, and spend their days at home wasting time, all the while thinking they have their 'priorities in order'. At the end of the day, it's not about how many vines are published or how many people post pictures of their food flatlays on Instagram. It's not about who writes down what in their planner or who sits and stares at poetry on Tumblr. Your twenty-four hour days are jam packed full of time - enough for all the social media scrolling, news browsing, jogs in the park, meetings with friends, and reaching all personal goals your little heart desires. It's never what's in front of you - it's what you make of it.

Think about that.

*may or may not have to do with inevitable procrastination. 

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