More often than not, I'm narrating one hell of a story in my mind. Much like your favorite guilty pleasure love-hate relationship reality show, the inner functions of my brain act just like that mysterious, sarcastic narrator know-it-all we can't help but adore - complete with unnecessary, sometimes witty comments on an otherwise average life. (Disclaimer; This proves troublesome during exam season and any other real-life dilemmas). Though their fluffy wording and purple prose make life seem infinitely more interesting, more often than not a few words here and there are all you need to do the trick. Swap out your basic "night out" for "evening soirée" or "appetizer" for "passed canapés" and you're already halfway there.

Thanks very much, accent aigu.

A look at this set and it's no surprise I'm in a somewhat distant la-la-land princess-like haven. The California sun can do more than just "make your dreams come true" (heatstroke, anyone?), it can also act as some of the most incredible lighting in the world. As it sets, the sun bounces mesmerizing rays onto the Pacific coast, showering us with what looks like thousands of dancing crystals in a sea of dazzling blue. Any photographers dream. It's only fair for a girl in her early twenties to dance around in her most feminine frocks and chronicle the scene as if she's in some unrealistic, whimsical, modern day fairy tale. Put a bouquet of freshly picked wild flowers in her hand, add a little bit of wind, and make sure she (thankfully) doesn't fall off the cliff, and *bamb* - you're in business. All I could do was sketch a few compositions in my mind and imagine the brass section of an orchestra intensifying as the strings build their crescendo. Cue little narrator voice.  See how this is an issue?

Driving down Pacific Coast Highway was a fun break from reality during my visit to San Francisco. Nausea from research-induced stress was instantly swapped out for motion sickness (c/o winding streets and cliffs) and my computer-induced dry eyes were finally able to stare at something other than cubase files. Sublime with Rome was playing and I was in a seemingly endless coastal paradise. A pretty brunch picnic setup, salty sea mist, and a bouquet of bright pink and red wild flowers that match my favorite skirt is all I need on an otherwise lazy Sunday afternoon. Whistle for the choir...oh my, you've caught my eye...kiss kiss kiss.

Thanks, Rob for the wildflowers and photos. Much appreciated!

Akira Top // L'Atiste Skirt // Dorothy Perkins Sandals // Chanel Watch 

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