If you're going to be studying all reading week, you might as well do it somewhere warm, with a lot of sun, and in a cute cafe for good measure.

Happy Tuesday night post end of term. We knew this day was coming, though we've purged our memory of such toxic ideas during our much busier final few hell inducing weeks. A few tears here and there, some jet-lagged yawns, dry eyes behind glasses (not today, contacts), and recital-enduced  panic attacks, but we've made it. And now, here I am, in all my honor and glory, hair sopping wet and laying in bed, with not much to do but plan out a Morocco itinerary and reminisce on my last couple of days in the t-dot. Who know exam-free weeks could be so unfulfillingly boring? Only a few days ago, I would have given anything to rid my mind, aching body, and soul of fourteen hour Robarts study sessions and cram-for-exam mentality. Perhaps the up-side of studying for endless hours is the inability to acquire guilt from all the uber eats burgers and thai food that show up at your front door...not to mention all the poutine food-truck runs you've convinced yourself are necessary for your own well being. Ah, those were the good times. For who doesn't enjoy being far too busy to worry about grease intake? Now I'm stuck shedding those extra few pounds over chicken breast and asparagus. I've traded in food-coma-bliss for sore-muscles and burger cravings. But In-N-Out seems to be in the near future....keep an eye out...
Speaking of In-N-Out, I am headed back to California in a few days - and so, I thought it fitting to stumble upon these photos taken in February during reading week. A nearly all-white look. Mother would be proud that I'm not in all black...
There isn't a single soul in the world who would deny the simplicity and effectiveness of white monochrome. As is with all monochromatic look, head to toe white (and perhaps, a shade or two of soft pinks and nudes) could scream sophisticated and chic much loader than any angry classy British Grandmother who disapproves of your University degree. *cue all foreign relatives.  With any week-long trip, the goal is to pack light. Similar colors - mostly black - begin blending together in your tiny carry-on, and you find yourself acing neutrals for nearly one entire week. More often than not, the goal to pack as many outfits as humanly possible with only the bare minimum of pieces succeeds in such cases. Exhibit A: I've spent the entire reading week dressed in so much black that Californians avoided me, or, in too much white - in which case, they still avoided me. Too much of a good thing can be bad, you know.

XXI Top // Banana Republic Skirt // HM Trench // Firmoo Shades // Style&Co Heels // Chanel Bag 

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