Ode and joy to 2016, a year filled to the brim with the ever-so-classic 'this will be the best year yet!' facade.

The new year seems to bring about an aura of intensified excitement - here comes another year, another chance, another 365 days to bring about great things - and all else you've most likely heard a thousand times before. You are perhaps more inclined to such phrases if you follow the blogging world (or any social media, for that matter) where we all gush and adorn our pages with our ever so long list of beautifully curated resolutions and admirable goals. *please swoon over them all.
To me, New Years is just another day in our Gregorian Calendar. Perhaps adorned with more sparkling champagne, sequined gowns, and overly loud snap stories (all in good fun, and rather amusing to behold) than most. For all one knows, the largest difference after the 1st, is the amount of people over-saturating gyms, health clubs, and raw vegan juice bars. Most of which dwindle by day twenty-seven of January. (If anyone has researched evidence of this, please contact me at once.) And with that, we jump into February, the calendar's dark ages - a time of bitter cold and a profusion of second semester exams, interrupted briefly by a day in which we all act madly in love with our s/o. Then we blink, exams are over, it's July, it's September and the start of term commences, it's November and we cram for more finals, we complete said finals, lights embellish the streets once more, a ten second countdown emerges out of thin air, and alas A New Year! Complete with all the glitz, glam, and glitter, the checklist of goals, and the 'best nine' of the previous one. Yet, who am I to put a damper on the thrilling thoughts of what #twentysixteen has to bring? Raise those pretty, manicured hands of yours and sip your delicate glasses of white wine, my friends. Party hard now, and relax for a few days after all that holiday exhaustion. School begins soon - enjoy your time off while you can.

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