'Plaid' to be read as 'Played' for the sake of rhyming with suede.

Plaid is serious business when opting for a combo other than the ever-so-classic half-tucked into jeans look (an undoubtedly cute alternative). I had never been one to lean towards a plaid button-up, though several friends have swayed my mind, if you will. One to the point of having me listen to country music in my own spare time with much enjoyment - cowboy hats off to you, Rachael. When I found this pretty skirt to wear at her country-themed birthday party, I never imagined finding a pair of boots which coordinated so perfectly. Alas, the ideal match; a stunning pair of tan, block heel, pointed-toe ankle booties. Perfect for an excessively warm essay-season (mid-November) when sheer tights are socially acceptable.
Nearly half-way through my much needed winter holiday has shown that, at this stage in my life, there is nearly no holiday at all. The desire to relax and rid my schedule of all stressful to-do's has only been slightly alleviated by the ability to sleep in past eight. Though I've found I'm perpetually exhausted nonetheless. A consistent stream of tedious tasks looms over us making such short days feel even shorter. I supposed there will be time to relax when I am 72, lounging on my front porch, looking back at my successful years as a powerful woman boss with an ever so impressive career. Here's to hoping! Until then, we'll work our butts off for said achievement.
Happy Holidays!
American Eagle Top | HM Plaid Shirt | Dynamite Skirt | XXI Boots & Ring | Moroccan Leather Backpack | Chanel Watch


  1. I love your outfit color combo! This is such a well written post :-) I like your choice of words. I do agree about short days feeling shorter. Even if I don't start spring semester until 19th of Jan, I feel like time is eating up my winter break!


    1. Thank you so much, Monika! And yes, short days are exhausting :S

  2. Such a gorgeous outfit. I've come to love suede this year and these are great suede pieces you've featured. I love your skirt and boots!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  3. This outfit looks so pretty! I love the skirt and the shirt :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  4. Your blog is so good the images are such good quality and i love the outfit:)

    1. Thanks very much, Lauren! It means a lot :) x

  5. Such a gorgeous outfit. The colours and photos are amazing. Gemma x

  6. This skirt is so gorgeous and flattering, especially worn with those gorgeous ankle boots, wow!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  7. aww, you're so beautiful dear <3

  8. This is such a stunning combination. I really love the way the plaid pops with the neutrals of the rest of the outfit. So great.

  9. Love the suede and plaid patterns together dear! xx


  10. hahah I can't wait to be 72 and FINALLY get to relax for a minute!! I totally agree with you on that one, the holidays are wonderful but they are almost even busier than normal! I love your outfit!! I'm glad you tried out plaid, it looks so cute on you! And I am having MAJOR hair envy right now. Your hair is gorgeous, Mouna!!

  11. I absolutely love your outfit! those boots are gorgeous!
    Happy New Year 2O16!wishing you all the best!



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