Essentials for this time of year are as follows– keep warm, keep healthy, keep it simple, and avoid wasting time to your best ability. As we paddle through the last of our term assignments and dive head-first into exams, these rules keep us alive. At least physically. Also Mumford and Sons. Always Mumford and Sons.

For even the most skilled time managers, University means December creeps up faster than you can say “wait why are there Christmas decorations for sale in September?” Even more so in your final year when the last week of November means scrambling to complete “why you should accept me and not the hundreds of more superior, qualified candidates” personal statements for Grad Schools while attempting to maintain respectable marks. Executing such obligations with five hours of sleep a night (if you are lucky) renders nearly impossible without a few I’m keeping hella busy essentials.

One: an incredible day planner for jotting your schedule to the minute and scrawling all assignments and notes. Might I recommend one of thesehelpful fellas.
Two: Caffeine. This goes without saying. I take mine in the form of Iced Soy Chai. Milk makes my stomach churn and coffee gives me anxiety.
Three: An over-sized, comfy sweater and chunky scarf to keep warm and try to give the casual-cute vibe (*disclaimer, I am bad at successful casual-cute vibing).
Four: a pair of large spectacles to successfully mask your nearly larger under eye circles and to give your drying eyes a break from contacts. These are a new favorite of mine – incredibly comfortable and, importantly, they do not slip off my face as my nose stares straight down into my Orchestration textbook. Bonus points for making me feel as geeky as I am when I talk about my favorite Marvel an DC characters.
Five: A pretty, flowy dress which gives the illusion that you indeed have your life together and have not yet given up (however untrue this may be).

These photos were taken a week ago at the Toronto Christmas Market. Occasional breaks are required to maintain some level of mental sanity, therefore Sunday was spent swooning over unaffordable (for students, at least) trinkets and hot Apple Cider. This miniature vacation was followed closely by a seven-hour retreat to a nearby coffee shop for hydration and homework.

I must now continue on with cramming.

I bid you all best of luck.

H&M Sweater and Scarf | XXI Dress | c/o Firmoo Glasses | Nails by K Nails
Thanks to Rob for taking my picture!


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