October, oh October...how quickly and unexpectedly you manage to surprise us year after year....It seems only yesterday Milan, Tatiana, and I were snapping dreamy looks of sophisticated pieces we obtained by maxing out our credit cards (all were returned and the damage was fixed, I assure you), working diligently in a beautiful Toronto penthouse I managed to beg my way into using. Love was in the air that day (just over twenty-three weeks ago, thank you Insgtagram for helping me keep my life calendar in check!), you could say - or perhaps it was the whimsical garments talking. Adorned with lips, love, and the girly-est of touches, this was by far my most elegant (and expensive) shoot to date.
I've shot with Tatiana twice now, and both times were far beyond successful. It seems artists these days have become harder and harder to come by. In an over-saturated market of 'aspirings' and the ever growing use of social media, anyone can call themselves a model, makeup artist, photographer...as a result, its rendered singling out the creatives that truly have the "extra something" much more difficult.  That extra passion, the willingness to create something beautiful, the effortless nature they exude... Tatiana is everything you could want in model and more - she's the girl who understands the garments and the mood of each specific editorial, the girl who poses with little direction, who listens intently and responds positively and quickly to the team's remarks. She does not complain as her hair gets tugged and she does not roll her eyes as we discuss (sometimes ridiculous) extravagant posing options or props. Her willingness to produce outstanding work consistently trumps the possibility of 'comfort.' Our previous shoot together involved smoke bombs - they were incredibly hot to touch and made our eyes water and throats close up. Yet the photos were beautiful, and Tatiana, whose face was smothered in various colors of smoke, and whose hands I'm sure almost burned off from a jar containing a smoke bomb, looked as if she was most comfortable - dreamily basking in the magic of the mist, surely she was a well sought out prima ballerina in her previous life.
Photography - Mouna Tahar
Makeup Artist - Milan Seki
Model - Tatiana Tikhomirova


  1. I love the vintage feel in your photos :)And I absolutely adore the lace cardigan you're wearing!

    Ayesha xxx

    1. Thanks, Ayesha! Tatiana is actually wearing the cardigan :) I photographed the set

  2. You are gorgeous!!! Tatiana is an amazing photographer and you're such a good model. and I totally do the same thing with instagram haha I'll be like "when did I do this?" and then i'm like "Oh 13 weeks ago, cool" haha
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Candace! Tatiana is actually the model in this set and I photographed the editorial :). She's so gorgeous, eh? And so glad to hear I'm not the only person who does that on instagram hahaha!


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