At the peak of a California afternoon, the sun settles into the highest, center-most part of the sky, effortlessly destroying any chance of decent lighting as far as photography goes. Yet here I am, perhaps in the most dreamy, snapchat-able (after or tied with Hearst Castle?) visit of my trip, standing among any photographer's dream "location, location, location!" amidst overexposed, direct sunlight and de-saturating sun flares. All thanks to Meriam's immaculate (hats off to you, sis) down-to-the-very-last-minute itinerary. "There's no other time to visit. Places to see, things to do - it'll have to be noon." and so, we were there at 12pm sharp. (As someone who can walk in circles for six hours, I have some mad respect and gratitude for her itinerary skills.)

Any-who, I'm a determined little one - and I wasn't going to waste this pretty little number I so desperately (strategically, anyone?) saved for the Fine Arts Palace, no matter how many adjustments to my camera's ISO and Aperture I needed to make. I'll disregard any hellish lighting and painful wind for a good shot - behind or in front of the cam. This most likely stems from the fact that I've never been one to plan outfits weeks in advance when I pack, I simply throw a few most-worn pieces of similar shades and hope for the best for those 'living out of the suitcase' weeks (This outfit being the exception.) The moment I spotted this skirt, with its brilliant floral design and that dazzling poof that makes you want to go back to 1953 down town New York, I knew I had to make it mine. Move aside, shoppers - I'm gonna style the hell out of this one.

Fast forward three weeks (and then some). The skirt sat - safely, I assure you - in its pretty little wrapping on my desk chair - as I contemplated what on earth to wear with it. At the end of the day, no matter how many pinterest inspirations I stared at (surely glaring down the same photos for hours would spark my creativity), I was stumped. What on earth do you wear with a ginormous midi? A few options here: One, something equally baggy - a tucked in, button up, sheer shirt and statement jewelry otherwise only appropriate for evening (beautiful in theory and on sky-high models, terrible on average-height me). Two, a bralette (my mom would not approve, I'm sure.) Three, a very basic crop top. Luckily, easily accessible at your nearest Forever 21.

Ah....XXI basics, you've saved the day, yet again.

Sweet dreams you night owls (me).

L'Atiste Midi Skirt | XXI Top | Francesca's Boutique necklace | Style&Co Shoes (Macy's) | Tommy Hilfiger watch | Fossil bag


  1. This skirt is so beautiful! You can really tell how much work and style goes into your beautiful photos but it looks so effortless. I wish I had your kind of talent!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Jessica :) Glad you liked the photos! x

  2. Oh wow the pictures are incredible. The place is very historical yet very romantic!

  3. stunning photos! the backdrop is lovely with the look


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