Layering always seems the ideal fashion option - specifically in the warmer months when I find myself wishing I could layer up (obviously inadequate in the summer humidity). Consequently, I find myself eager for early fall. Blogging-culture is always keen on expressing the utmost joy and appetence for brightly colored leaves, coveted pumpkin spice lattes, and alluring oxblood garments; all a wonderful seasonal commodity. Yet we all, year after year, seem to forget how short lived autumn is and how instantaneously winter rolls in (perhaps it's the Toronto luck - though I hear it's been equally chilly in Chicago and Paris). Each September, respectively, brings around an aura of excitement for the upcoming fall, conveying the impression that perhaps this year will be gentler on us. A week or so are tame - warm enough for a short sleeved sweater, cool enough for a pair of thick tights and our favorite blazer. We then jump straight into winter - our enchanting knee-length jackets swapped for over-sized parkas...our necklaces frantically traded for the warmest scarves we manage to find buried deep within our winter boxes from the previous year. Our grievous underestimation of the upcoming chill leaves most in a melancholy slump until the Christmas season comes around (to which point we are all well used to the sub-zero F weather).  
These shots were taken a few days before the abrupt chill, during a time when Toronto's light winds and mildly cool weather made wearing light sweaters, skirts, and faux fur acceptable. The next few weeks, I foresee layers of leather and wool before the mid-November Indian summer (which, to say the least, leaves everyone remarkably astounded). Afterwards, it'll be a downhill spiral of snow storms and frigid wind chill well through late April. 
Hope you're having a pleasant midterm season! x
The Limited Sweater | Winners Skirt | HM Boots | RL Socks| Forever 21 Coat


  1. You look so pretty and I love your outfit! In Arizona we barely really get fall or winter haha it kind of just cools down before it's summer again. My grandma is from Canada so I'm 25% Canadian :) just thought that was cool since you live in Canada!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. That must me so nice! We have extreme heat, a week or two of mildly bearable weather, and excruciating cold :(.. And that's so cool! Thanks for sharing - we are bonded by Canadian-ness.

  2. This is such a wonderful outfit. You look so seasonal and warm. I agree, the internet made Fall super trendy and it's kind of annoying, but it is a glorious time of year. Though I think, it's already over in Ohio...

  3. Gorgeous outfit! I'm so in love with that coat, I have a similar one. It always makes me feel like a stuffed animal!


  4. Lovely style, your skirt is very cute :)


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