It seems everyone and their mothers has an 'opinion' these days and with the plethora of rapidly growing social media outlets, it's easier than ever to share them. Every single day I scroll through new social justice movements and countless rants via Facebook and Tumblr (neither of which I ever bother contributing to, if I'm being honest). Now, I'm all for educated debating - which I practiced in high school clubs and well throughout University - so why, you ask, do I sense some annoyance? Easy-peasy. Everyone is willing to have an 'opinion,' but it seems so little people are willing to actually do the research and back up their ideas with facts. Back up research? Yes. And I don't mean read through Facebook comments and come to a conclusion. I'm talking scholarly articles, books, news, literature, whatever. Just have a little bit of evidence to support your conclusion(s).
This week, in a class I wont disclose via the interwebs (slight fear that my professors might stumble upon this one day...surely unnecessary paranoia is my middle name), we discussed the never-ending debate on religion. Before I continue, I'd like to add (for the sake of my class' defense), this is a first year course. I am a fourth year. Yes, I needed an elective credit and yes, I heard this is a bird course. 
Continuing...I don't enjoy first year course all that much, at least as far as UofT first semester goes. First year tutorials are shit, and, unfortunately, discussion has become 'who can word barf the hardest, longest words and contribute the least substance and factual evidence within the span of an hour?' And what's the worst part about discussion with these types of people? They think they are right about everything. *AKA: close minded minds wont change. All you can do is shut your mouth, save your breath, don't bother, and spend your energy doing more productive things.
I've said it millions of times and I'll say it again; I am no scholar. I know that I am not the most knowledgeable person in any specific subject, I know that my opinions are solely my own, and I also know that if ever I were to debate something, I would probably have a little something-something to back my ass up. If I don't, I know a simple "I don't know very much about this topic, therefore I cannot contribute" would suffice. And, as unfortunate as it is, that is a lot more than a lot of people can say. Perhaps it's the "ME" syndrome, or the simplicity of posting all your ideas for your friends and the world to see. Anyways, all I'm trying to say is I can accept any opinion and belief you may have, as long as you can have a good argument (Hint: "I think this because that is right" is not an argument) and have some level of factual evidence behind it. It's easy to fall into the pattern of discussing things you don't know too much about - we're all guilty, and if I've done it, please call me out! your research, and if you have, hurrah! We'll be good friends. I like you a lot. Let's discuss politics, foreign affairs, religion, whatever - I'm happy to. xo 

Oh, you're probably here to know what I'm wearing haha!...these were taken at the Stanford campus quad. 
HM skirt | Thrifted top | Dorothy Perkins sandals | Chanel watch


  1. Your photograhpy is absolute stunning! <3 Loving the look dear ;)

  2. Marvelous outfit. You are very elegant. Kisses :)


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