It never ceases to amaze me how effortless and instantaneous it is to spend six hours on the internet. In the entirety of my summer, watching vine compilations or surprise, boxed pets to unsuspecting lovers has never been more appealing than it is now that the fall term is in full swing. Apologies in advance to all my professors if I ever turn in procrastinated, scribbled, mediocre work I'll try to pass off as term assignments. (Though these are, invariably, the exception. You're welcome.)

During my visit to the western parts of U.S, I grew a strange, vigorous appreciation for dry heat. I'm not saying I (or anyone for that matter) have ever enjoyed the humidity, but after years of sticky, muggy, Midwestern heat and cutting winter chills that seep through your jackets and pierce your unsuspecting bones, you get used to the darn things. It becomes your sad reality; a burdening realism. That is, until you've gone to Cali and experienced the picture-perfect blue skies and even more so perfect 74F dry weather. Nearly three weeks of unimaginable, splendid nirvana. No deranged hair, no profuse amount of sweat, no weather-induced impatience...just impeccable sunshine and utter bliss. I never wanted to leave.

Yet here I am, back in Toronto, dreading the sticky walk to St.Lawrence Market (courtesy of Toronto humidity) and the sunless, cloud-stained sky, until my inevitable return. Photos of my time there will have to do until then! These were taken on my dear sister's birthday in (in case you couldn't guess) Disney Land, LA. "Happiest place on earth," indeed. Complete with stereotypical Minnie Mouse ears. Cheers!

Dorothy Perkins Dress & Sandals | Chanel watch | Disneyland Minnie Mouse headband


  1. This is a beautiful dress and making me so nostalgic for the time that I spent at Disneyland!

  2. wow! so much beauty in one post! this is oo cute, lovely style and it looks like you had alot of fun in Disney! x

  3. Marvelous Disney ! I want to discover this amazing place ! Your outfit is very cute :)


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