With the start of school under one week away, and auditions results in less than two days, it's been hard to stay relaxed during my final few evenings off. Of course, sitting in coffee shops and downing iced mocha never helped with my anxiety - but how can I say no to the extra caffeine boost with so little sleep?

Road-tripping through the U.S. has been one of the most eye-opening travel experiences to date. I've been fortunate enough to have seen several countries in my short twenty years of existence, so it's exceptionally strange to think that the states (where I have lived most of my life) could have surprised me the most. I guess it's true that you take so many things for granted when they are around often. I've noticed even my time living in the outskirts of Chicago and in the heart of downtown Toronto I've failed to visit so many of the places that make these cities so special and worth visiting. We all get so caught up in life to even consider acting like tourists for a day and exploring our countries (let alone cities). It took me nearly three years of living in Toronto to visit the Royal Ontario Museum - and I lived not even two blocks away.


If you follow my Instagram, you've probably seen my - might I add, excessive - amount of posting this past month. Though they have given you an idea of what I've been up to, it doesn't really come close to expressing the experience as a whole. Pretty vsco cam edited square pictures are often overly glamorized and misleading. Road trips on a student's budget are hard (as is any travel when tuition costs are so high). Granted, it's been a while since I've vacationed, and I did need a bit of a break from a much too stressful summer. And yes, I never want to see instant ramen again, thanks for asking.
Alas, I have found the time after a busy week of moving into my new condo to lay in Becca's comfortable abyss of a bed and write up a quick little post on Griffith Observatory. I begged Robert to accompany me on a little hike to see the oh my god Hollywood sign (thanks a bunch, man). Being a most convincing gal, if I do say so myself, he obliged.
Man was this place crowded.

People everywhere.

In a way it reminded me of a less intoxicated version of Chicago on St.Patrick's. Add a few overexcited children and exhausted looking parents and you're picturing what I experienced. It was hard to walk in a straight line. I remember being a bit nervous handing Rob my camera "could you...maybe...try to get as few people as possible?" He did a pretty damn good job - thanks again, mate.

What I didn't realize on the way here was the hike we'd have to take after parking. I've always known LA was notorious for copious amounts of traffic, and in the back of my mind, I always knew that came with a heavy price - parking will be a _____. But who, I thought, who on earth will come here on a Tuesday evening?
A lot of people...
And so, here I am, in shoes I hadn't yet broken in, exhausted after what felt like an hour long hike, posing awkwardly amidst a plethora of sightseers. Enjoy! x

H&M dress | XXI shoes | Chanel bag & watch | Amazon.com hat


  1. I love the two tone design and pattern on the dress. You look fantastic! <3

    - Anna


  2. Gorgeous outfit. I found LA to be quite different than expectations too.


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