I'm not sure how all the cool kids make taking these types of photos look so easy - the wind is almost never in my favor. I'm serious. We've never been the best of pals. No really, I don't think we can call each other acquaintances, even. I'm willing to go as far as saying the wind borderline hates me.
How typical it's become to walk to class, only to find the wind billowing against my body, throwing my hair across my face, blinding my vision, and sending my cherished folders into the year-round Toronto sludge. How heartbreaking its been walking in a dreamy Christmas themed Chicago only to find I've been launched, headfirst into unsuspecting passerbyres. How often I've screamed out in anguish "I hate you wind!!" on an innocent stroll home from the Sobeys two blocks away. Yup. We've never passed friendship level two.

Yet here I am. Some 25 minutes later and 386 photos in, standing beside the bridge, in the windiest place I have ever been... I somehow (admirably) managed to acquire five shots where my dress is appropriately situated on my body and my hair isn't covering the vast majority of my face. Some would call it luck, I call it a miracle - a true gift from God. 
It's been a long ramble, but I would just like to add that I sincerely believe I should be initiated into the secret society of successful photos-in-wind takers. I know your leader is out there (perhaps already reading this post?) so please send them my way. 

Before I check out for the evening and prepare my backpack for the first day of term, I would just like to say one more thing; 
Insta-famous snappers, your photos have deceived me; it's nearly impossible to capture the bridge with so much wind.
Not impossible.


Forever 21 dress and shoes | Fossil bag | Ray-ban sunglasses | Conquered Wind


  1. such a beautiful dress! you look absolutely stunning! love these photos :)


  2. You look so beautiful! I love the dress.♡

  3. This dress is gorgeous ! Lovely photos too. Kisses :)


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