Ah...Toronto in spring... Not much different than early fall (as you can probably see from these snaps). I've returned to Chicago for a few weeks before (fingers crossed) departing somewhere a bit more tropical for a few months. I'm hoping to get a lot more travel in this summer as I have not been anywhere but Toronto for the past year. I'm excited to share some snaps with you here and on instagram!

The other week, my dear friend Becca of Silken Skin and I wandered the streets of Yorkville to take a few well overdue outfit snaps before heading over to the Burger's Priest for some burger redemption. If you're in Toronto and haven't checked that place out yet - go! Now! Before Sunday as they do close for church then. 
Hugs to B (I've shared a photo of her look on here, too!) for taking these snaps, and shout out to Rob for holding our purses/coats. x

Coat - RW & Co | Dress - c/o Persunmall | Bag - Chanel | Boots - Zara

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  1. Always so well put together. Beautiful dress and coat!

    - Anna



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