(bitter cold air..)
Hello again! I hope you've been enjoying your first two months of the new year. I can't believe February is almost over...It's a bit strange that March is coming so soon (yikes) but the end of Feb marks the end of midterms, so hurrah to that and here's to a lot more free time! I'm currently enjoying my reading week, but I can't say I've done much reading at all haha.. Some days I haven't even left the house! I've been super into photographing for my new series Lost in My Mind so check that out if you wish~ and I've also been preparing costumes for Stories of Elsewhere. And I recently got into the show house of cards so that's something else exciting..!
I've been wearing a lot of darker colors so this minty fresh dress from Sammy Dress has been a breath of fresh air! If you haven't yet heard of their brilliance, Sammy Dress is a pretty online retailer offering beautiful products at very very very affordable prices. Now if that didn't grab your attention I'm not sure what will...(but just a heads up, this dress was only 7.22 and it was super comfy!) The cotton is really thick, the buttons are so cute, the fit is stunning.. Seriously I would check out their great collection! They have some of the cutest accessories, darling dresses, and alluring intimates *grin*. So I'd check Sammy Dress out, and let me know what pretty things you find in the comments!
{Captured by Rob - wearing; Sammy Dress dress, Zara shoes, Chanel watch, scarf from Morocco, Tulle coat}


  1. So pretty! Great photos and a lovely outfit. That scarf is so nice! xx

  2. Love that dress and how you styled it! Those caramel apples look amazing!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! The color of your dress is breathtaking -- perfect for ushering in spring -- and I love the little detail on your nail. :)



  4. This dress is so cute! I love the color. Your hair also looks amazing!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  5. I've missed your blog posts! Glad you're back. :) This dress is such a yummy shade, I've found myself becoming a bit obsessed with mint recently. The baked treats look delicious too! I've just started season 2 of House of Cards, it's brill.

    Tara xo

    1. Aww, thank you Tara <3 !! Isn't it such a great show?! I just started season 2 as well. Literally just turned off episode 4. Let's freak out about it together :)

  6. Love the mix of layers and prints <3 The dress is amazing and I love those shoes!

    - Anna



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