"It's Time for Redemption"
Took a little drive to the east side of the city with my friends Pandora and Rob to finally (I've been meaning to do this for a year) try The Burger's Priest. I'm crazy about burgers. If the toppings are in the wrong order, it loses points. If it's dry, duh it loses points. If the veggie to patty ratio is off...well, ya know the drill. But Burger's Priest...oh my goodness.. I'm not exactly sure how to begin explaining the perfection that entered our mouths. These burgers were insane. We ordered from the secret menu (which is, in my opinion, always the way to go) expecting a tasty burger and that's that. We found, that for one of the first times ever, the burgers looked like the picture. They were ginormous...monstrous...better than expected. Have I seriously gone this long in Toronto without trying their chili cheese fries...? Why wasn't I there once a week binge eating whatever I dared order? I'll never know... Seriously, any burger shack that acknowledges all the other famous, wonderful burger joints out there (In N Out, per-say) is a winner. 
Burgers are a religion
I never have problems finishing my burgers (with the exception of a visit to Kuma's Corner in Chicago) but this one was..troubling. They gave us the burger with enough napkins to make any environmentalist squirm, and we needed every last one. It was ooey gooey goodness. Flavor (aka grease) was dripping down our arms and clogging our arteries in the most beautiful way possible. I was literally sweating as I tried biting into the mass of flavor. No matter how much my stomach grumbled uncomfortably, I just couldn't stop eating the best burger I've ever had - and I've had some pretty damn good burgers. The Holy Smokes (picture one) consisted of two melt-in-your mouth patties, cheese, and panko-crusted jalapenos. The Vatican City (picture two) was possibly the craziest burger our team ordered. a double cheeseburger with grilled-cheese buns. I dared bite into it, and my eyes rolled back into my head. How is it possible that food can make you feel so much pleasure.....? The Pope (pictures three and four) was my order. a double cheeseburger with "The Option" - their vegetarian "Option." It's a blend of cheesy goodness in-between two portobello mushrooms, breaded, and deep fried. Biting into this was crazy. The burger basically exploded. I wish I could explain a bit more about how amazing everything was (including their chili cheese fries) but I actually can't. Just go if you're in the Toronto area. They are worth the wait, they are worth the crowded small shack, they are worth the strange feeling you get in your stomach when you're done, they are worth having your body feel like it is protruding oil. I'm excited to try a few more of their secret-menu burgers next time, especially the "Religious Hypocrite" (The Option + Bacon) and perhaps one day, "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," all in good time though. Our bodies needs a month long cleanse. Where can I get spinach smoothies around here?


  1. Holy moly, I'm drooling over these photos and descriptions! I just had a burger for lunch yesterday, but I might need to head around the corner for another one this afternoon after seeing these delicious looking burgers! Woah.

    Ladyface Blog

  2. Yum, yum, yum oh my gosh. That looks amazing! Haha it looks like the best burger ever! I love the restaurant name too, you can tell they take burgers seriously! :)


  3. I love the way you wrote about your burger experience! I'm the same way when I have food I really love. That burger sounds and looks so delicious! Now I'm in the mood for a juicy burger:)

  4. Oh my God!! No I so want a burgerrrrr <3

  5. Nice sailor look :D
    OMG junk food,I like it!!


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