It's Jess. It's me!
I got super bored the other night while watching New Girl and decided to give myself  new look - so chop-chop went my hair, and hello bangs! There was a lot of trial and error in the process, but after a few hours of slowly and carefully cutting my locks, I got the desired length and style. I haven't had bangs for quite some time now, so it's a strange feeling having hair in front of my face constantly, but I will gladly get used to it! I also did myself a favor and chopped off my dead ends and added a few layers here and there. My hair feels super silky smooth now!! Hopefully I did a half-decent job..what do you think :)?

 I spent the other day enjoying a bit of the "cool" parts of Chicago (ahem, all of Chicago is cool..) with a rather lovely fella and a pretty bouquet of flowers. We had a great time! The weather was a bit hot and so, it was the perfect time to let this purple Katie's dress make its first debut. If you're in the Toronto area, give this store a little visit! Everything is super cute and super cheap - I mean $22 and less super cheap! So yeah, go take a gander and try not to buy every single last cute item in their store.
Hopefully I can spend a calming day in Chicago again soon as I really need a day to relax and distress. I've been swamped with photos to edit from all the photography I've been up to. But I'm so glad I've found something I love that I've turned into a summer job of sorts :) I feel super grateful! Upcoming personal works involve a beautiful mermaid, a water nymph, balloons, and a deck of cards. Hmm...more on that soon xx


What else is new what else is new....well, just yesterday I signed up for my classes for the fall term with my dear friend Emma. It's strange that I'll be back in Toronto in less than a month. Was summer really that short? I remember wishing it would speed up in May but now I'm begging it to slow down. Moving back means I'll need to buy furniture for my new place (exciting!) and I'll have to cook my own meals every single day. Good thing I adore cooking and baking! It's more that I'm worried about the time I'll have to do it with all the studying I'll need to do :o. Oh schoolwork, oh schoolwork. You have not been missed.

Currently listening to: White Blank Page - Mumford and Sons

{Captured by Eamonn - wearing; Katie's dress, Aldo shoes, Firmoo glasses}


  1. Your hair looks so cute!!! I wish I could give myself a haircut. That would save a lot of money. Love the dress, too!

    1. thank you thank you! haha it was really scary..I probably should have gotten it done professionally but who the heck is open at 2am?? :0)


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