Sarah was super fun to work with. She's one of those girls who makes it really hard not to envy her way cool, laid back charm. She has a certain spark to her (wonderful!) and wasn't afraid to take my suggestions and pose in (probably uncomfortable?) places - aka, standing in a murky river. I really like Sarah, and not only because she totally looks like a tumblr girl, but because she's genuinely super sweet. We met back in high school, and though I was the typical goody-two-shoes who wore bows and lace, and Sarah was the laid-back hippie-styled bad-ass cooooool girl, we got along really well (everyone was a bit surprised I believe). Anyways, I'm thrilled to have seen her again! It was nice catching up and working with an old friend who is beautiful on the inside and out :).


  1. Wow! Those pictures are stunning! I love the location, and her laid back vibe. Everything about this shoot works so well together. Awesome job!

  2. Replies
    1. haha..thanks but that's actually Sarah, a girl I photographed :) she's gorgeous, eh?

  3. how beautiful photos those are!
    i love the photograph!<3

    thank you for visiting my blog! nice header btw hehe:D

  4. Nice blog! Would you like follow each other?

  5. your photographs are amaazing ah! such a talented photographer

  6. she is gorgeous! the photo sitting on the train tracks is amazing!!! and her hair..divine!


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