The other day, I enjoyed Sprinkles Cupcakes with my sister in the beautiful city of Chicago. If you haven't heard of Sprinkles, basically they are these awesome designer cupcakes in a ton of awesome flavors in an incredibly awesome, cute little shop. They're kinda really overpriced but that's the point of designer! Buy it, even if there's nothing special about it, there kinda is because it's got a logo on it. At least you get a super tasty treat (or twelve) and you can enjoy them and pray your beach body doesn't say buh-bi as fast as the cupcake does. What am I currently doing? Being a recluse in an apartment downtown on a gorgeous Friday evening because I am not yet 21 which means there is nothing for me to do except maybe shop at American Girl Doll or something. Ugh. I miss Canada...

Currently listening to: A Message - Coldplay


  1. Wow this sounds amazing I love pretty cup cakes.

  2. wow very cute cup cake


  3. Fun! I just got back from Chicago, so I'm bummed I missed out on this cute cupcake store. Maybe next time:)

    1. Oh no! Well, I hope you at least had a slice of delicious deep-dish :) xx

  4. I love cupcakes so much! I wish I was in the S to have some of these!!



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