Every time I leave Chicago for a long period of time, I almost forget how much I'm in love with it. Then why I get back, it really hits me in the feels..a lot.. Like insert the cheesy movie music a lot. I spent an entire day on Michigan and in Millennium Park to enjoy the nice weather the other day. My friends almost killed me - apparently this part of town isn't "real Chicago", it's "tourist Chicago." And one of them was seriously concerned that spending 9 months outside of Chicago changed my perception of it and where to go. Whether or not that's true, I enjoyed playing tourist and running around carrying a huge Nikon, a backpack, and a sloppy smile as I awkwardly laid on the ground taking pictures of tulips and landscapes. Please don't judge. It really helped me connect with my hometown okay?! 

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  1. It smells like summer. OMG, that cake. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too soon.

  2. Wow these photos are so pretty! I also love the juxtaposition of the nature against the manmade structures


  3. Incredibly stunning photos. I love the title of this post too.

  4. Beautiful Chicago, these are gorgeous photos too!! I love tulips!


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