The chilly weather is finally back for good so I've packed my floral sundresses, sandals, and sunhats and unpacked my chunky sweaters, leather jackets, and boots. Luckily, I didn't have to give up everything that screamed summer - I've still got my sunglasses, flowy scarves, and shorts. Now, I know a lot of people think shorts are strictly summer attire, however rocking shorts in the winter can be pretty simple. Just ignore all the confused looks from everyone. But really that's what fashion is about; your own personal style. And so what if others don't understand it? They're probably in their "warm" sweatpants asking you why you're wearing shorts in which I respond by sarcastically saying "I like to freeze and get hypothermia in my fashionable clothing right before finals."  Little do they know that I'm all jokes because thick socks and tights are warm he-he.
On a more current note, I was doing some homework with one of my guy friends and in the middle of our coffee break he says "so, when can we stop playing games and hook up?" Since when does doing homework with your friend mean you are playing games? And since when do girls find it attractive when a guy basically says to you that your friendship means nothing and that the only reason they hung out with you is to try and get in your pants? Anyways, my response to his annoying, vulgar comment was a sarcastic smile, a "good luck on your finals", and I didn't bother leaving the coffee I bought for him. I threw that in the trash on my way out.
Outfits for Inspiration:
 Outfit 1: Studded Black

Outfit 2: Winter Sailor 

Outfit 3: Destroyed Denim


  1. Thanks for leaving me a sweet message!
    I love the outfits you've picked, specially 1st and 2nd one <3

    Love, Denise

  2. I love wearing shorts in winter, and I really like the looks you came up with, my favorites would have to be the first and third : )

  3. I totally love the studded black and destroyed denim look!
    So true about layering in winter! I wore a short skirt layered upon warm tights in snow, when I was in Paris!!! :)
    Do visit my blog too sometime and if you like, do follow too! :)

  4. Great picks! Shorts and opaques are always slimming...added bonus!

  5. I like the look! I wear skirts in winter, I guess with tights they can be cute!

  6. I love wearing shorts all around the year! But sometimes it's quite impossible in Latvia, because in winters the temperature can even go to -30 degrees by Celsius!

  7. love all of these looks! I wear so many skirts- shorts I have a harder time finding ones I love. with a good pair of tights though you can really wear either all year round :)!


  8. I love shorts, in summer and in winter! :) Love your inspiration!

    Love, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  9. I really like your blog dear!
    Keep it up, you do it great! :)



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