This week has been pretty hectic as of late. With all the busy class, assignments, and end-of-term essays, it's hard to get 5+ hours of sleep each night. Just this afternoon as I worked on my history essay, I started to doze off and when I woke up, realized the work I had done sounded like something out of a 3rd grader's folder. Meh, whatever! I shall celebrate the end of the week on Saturday by dancing in my new Hello Kitty pajamas. Yeah, I'm cool like that.
Around here it's chilly but not cool enough for my super-warm pea-coat yet, so I've spent a lot of time in large sweaters--large Christmas sweaters, that is. I hope you've all been rocking this look, and if not, head over to your Grandma's closet and pick out the most disturbing looking snowman sweater she has. This is the only time that the uglier the sweater, the cuter it is. Christmas is sho happy yooo guyss :).
Outfits for Inspiration
Outfit 1: The plural of 'moose' is 'moose'

Someone said they saw 'meese' and everyone was like 'dafuq is a meese?' So..I just had to let you all know it's moose! Hope you learned something! I started this outfit with a warm fitted sweater over a basic loose tee. I then added some snowy white skinny jeans and a navy belt and jeweled flats that reminded me of winter snow. I accessorized with a silver necklace, cute pearly earrings and a chunky bracelet. Finally, I added a large nude backpack to fit all your necessities in.

Outfit 2: A Holly Jolly Christmas
I started this ensemble a chunky white holly sweater. I paired it off with a green skirt and thigh-high red socks for a Christmas-feel. I then accessorized with cute gingerbread earrings, gold bangles, and a while purse. Finally i added a pair of festive green flats. 

Outfit 3: Winter Wonderland

 I started this look with an over-sized sweater dress and added white tweed tights. Next, I added nude colored booties. I then added a pair of earrings that resembled snowflakes and snowy-white jewelry.
Your Turn!
Do you wear Christmas sweaters around this time of year? And how do you accessorize them?


  1. Ahahah such cute outfits, perfect to bring out the holiday cheer from everyone!

    I guess people confuse moose with goose... Geese -> meese, luckily I remember from my English lessons that it's moose :D

  2. I love the Christmas sweater trend :) Great post! These are such fun looks!

    <3 Josephine

  3. Nice looks ;)

    Welcome to my blog:

    Have a nice day

  4. Love all of these sets, so christmassy and festive!
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  5. ugly christmas sweaters and pom poms - my kind of christmas! haha

  6. I need all of these sweaters!! So festive and amazing - perfect for my upcoming staff party!

    Kate xo

  7. I hate Christmas jumpers haha great post though!

    X Jenny

  8. That second outfit, with the green, is so lovely ^^ ! I don't have a sweater like this, because I have NO clue how to style it :( x

  9. I know what it feels like tohave a hectic week too. At least its the holidays!

  10. Great post! They actually look really cool!


  11. haha did not know that moose was pronounced the same in plural form! I love the Holly jolly Christmas set. the green skater skirt is so cute!

  12. oh that happens to me a lot with essays! My head is much clearer iin the mornings... Anyways I totally love this post!

  13. Beautiful selection, I love the first outfit :)

  14. You're so right - it's so true! There's something about a good holiday inspired sweater, don't you think? I'm definitely feeling you with all of the school stuff--- I'm trying to get ahead on my finals but there's just so much to do - it's way overwhelming!


  15. Love the second outfit, great picks dear!

  16. Unos looks muy bonitos y muy navideƱos.

  17. I love the first outfit, partly because I love your moose statement and partly because I like moose. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  18. 'ugly christmas sweaters' are actually my fave thing to wear in winter!! :) so cozy and cute!

  19. Haha, nothing like an oversized, comfy, "ugly" Christmas sweater! ;)

    Trendy Teal

  20. Love the green skirt and flats.

  21. I love those! I agree, I love Christmas sweaters. The second outfit is my favorite!


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