{Annesley Hall music room - wearing misscouture dress, XXI tights, Modcloth heels, gifted bracelets, Moroccan cashmere scarf}
Sometimes I find myself seriously wishing I lived in 1899. I love the fashion, the lifestyle, the events... I mean, who doesn't want to dress up in long, poofy dresses, gloves, and hats every day? It sure beats the sweatpants and ugg trend going on (who allowed that?) And doesn't a formal ball complete with chandeliers and horse-drawn carriages sound more appealing than a trashy club? Oh, and I'd rather have a man ask me to dance by kissing my hand and bowing than by groping me on the dance floor (in which case, I run away faster than Road Runner from Looney Tunes). Maybe it's the fact that my school looks like Hogwarts, or maybe I have a thing for sexual tension and batting my eyelashes behind a silk fan... But hey, on the bright side, at least I can text my friends, sit however I want, and vote.


  1. I like old school, but poofy dresses are too much)

  2. The grass is always greener but I totally agree, things were a lot more civilised then & the fashion was incredible

  3. oh love these photos, I like the theme of them too! :)



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