I like to combat lazy Sundays with late brunch, vintage dresses, and antiquing. There's something so relaxing about strolling through a cute neighborhood and looking at dusty old things with "history" and "personality". Though I really loved the music necklace, I couldn't imagine why it should cost me $400. No mater how much "history" dusty sterling silver is, unless it belonged to the queen or someone else important, please don't charge me that much for something you most likely found in some creaky attic.

My Saturday was a bit more eventful. Though I totally slept way past noon (woops, sorry homework) the day felt extremely long. Maybe it's because I got home around 3am.... What can I say? Time flies when you're having fun with friends.


  1. jeesh, $400 for that?! i love antiques too, but i can never justify buying them either because of those crazy prices! it is nice looking at them though :)


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