{Photos by Sherry - wearing H&M dress, Abercrombie and Fitch blazer, XXI belt, DSW shoes, Enzo bag}
For some unexplainable reason, my friends would rather go out for drinks and dance than study with me in the library. Every time I ask them to join me they roll their eyes and laugh. Oh well! I have all my books, papers, and cups of strong coffee as company. Plus, I can laugh at them when they're doing their procrastinated assignments at 3am the day before it's due. Muahaha !

Today was spent running from class to class and doing some really productive reading in this outfit that makes me look like a 12-year-old goody-two-shoes school girl. The initial goal was that if I looked cute enough while reading The Epic of Gilgamesh some gorgeous prince might ride his horse to my table, say "That is my favorite book." and then we would ride off to Victoria Castle and sing with all the birds and squirrels and live happily ever after. Nope, it didn't happen...


  1. haha a girl can only dream right? :)
    lovely outfit!
    check out my new post, I created this "inspirational challenge" that you might want to join in on!!

  2. Gorgeous!



  3. Ofcourse I agree Id rather study rather than have fun and party... education is more important ofcourse! :) Good luck to you! Cute outfit! :)


  4. you are beautiful, any outfit with yours glow looks so good !


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