I must admit that as I was moving away from the USA (my home for 15 years) to move to Toronto and study at U of T, I was an indifferent yet nervous wreck. Yes it sounds very...odd, but I'm sure you sort of understand, or maybe not, I am a bit crazy. Well, it's been about two fair weeks of settling in and all's been going well. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, the professors intriguing...what more could you ask for during your college experience? Well, anyways, I finally found the time to flip through a few pictures I took when I first arrived to Canada and that's when I stumbled over this picture of my pink pearls (one of my most prized possessions). Everyone in my dorm was like "Cool plated pearls!" and it took way too long to explain to them that some pearls are naturally pink and that I have never heard of a plated pearl but, it definitely had a ring to it! Then I thought to myself - "I should make a website dedicated to teaching people about the different types of pearls..." but then the thought of being a crazy cat/pearl-obsessed freak with no friends took the best of me. That's when I heard the pearl gods say - "on the 14th day in Canada, thou shalt create a blog to document thou's interests!"
Long story short: these pearls inspired this blog.

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