{Gifted Leather Jacket, Zara shirt, H&M skirt, ModCloth earrings, Chanel bag, NY&Co tights, Caravelle by Bulova watch, Predictions shoes}
I really like this incredible leather jacket given to me by a family friend. It's super soft and hug-able and feels like it's been drenched in conditioner or something (weird for leather, huh?) and has this amazing silk lining. It also makes me feel like a bit of a hot-shot bad-ass so I walked around all day with a lot of stomp to try to make my hair flow like a Victoria's Secret model and I made sure the jacket was always open so that people could get a sneak-peak of the white leather accents. My hopes and dreams where crushed however, when some random person said "wow, she looks really mad and scary." So much for my sex appeal...

Anyways...! I've spent my day rather productively so that I don't feel guilty about not doing so tomorrow. I wont have much time seeing as I'll be at Nuit Blanche! As this is my first month living in Toronto, I've never been, but many of my friends have and kindly offered to show me around. I'm pretty excited to run around in the middle of the night looking at incredible art sculptures--and bonus points that it's free of charge! Oh, and seeing as it goes from 7pm-7am, I totally have an amazing excuse to sleep in a lot tomorrow morning. Here's to waking up past noon on Saturdays!


  1. What a beautiful lace top, I love the leather jacket too! Adds such a great touch of edge :)

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  2. Your shirt is so so great ! what do you think of following each other on GFC? let me know

    Much of love,


  3. Great chic and classy outfit! Love the combo of black and white!


  4. I adore that bag girl! Love the outfit!



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